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Free basketball animations and clipart images. Section includes slam dunk, hoops, players, march madness, basketballs, dribbling, layups, free throws and animations.

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basketball on the move
Friendly basketball on the move.
Basketball player looking for a game.
March Madness
March Madness with flames, basketball and chrome frame.
animated basketball player
Animated basketball player.
player dribbling
Basketball player dribbling.
the ball has eyes
This ball has eyes - nothing but net.
Large Basketball
nothing but net
Two point basket animated.

making a free throw
Player makes a free throw.
large basketball
Large basketball with a perspective shadow.
free throw
Basketball player making a free throw animation.
Player dribbling animation.
layup animation
Young player making a layup - well, trying to make a layup.
basketball heart
I Love Basketball
off the backboard
Shot off the backboard and in for two.
spinning basketball
Basketball spinning animation.
playing one on none
A young basketball player playing one on none ball. A hard game to master.
slam dunk
Slam dunk silhouette.
man in hoop
Man stuck in basketball hoop. Is there such a thing as jumping too high?