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Halloween graphics for personal and non profit web pages. Skeletons with lots of blood and fire. Happy skeletons, angry skeletons and silly skeletons. Witches cooking in their cauldron plus a few more Grim Reapers. And just for fun, zombies chasing and people running.

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pumpkins and ghosts
Happy Halloween with a wagon load of pumpkins and a grumpy old ghost.
Happy Halloween with skeletons
Two skeletons and a skull. The skull in on fire and the skeletons look overly happy. Words included
in the graphic are, "Happy Halloween".
Image Format - JPEG, Image Size - 17 kb, Dimensions - 233 x 246 Pixels, Details - Halloween scene. Background is black with a green textured frame. Above the black is a large skull with a broken jaw. The skull's mouth and eye sockets are on fire. Next comes a text layer with the words Happy Halloween in light green with a small liquid drip and backlight enhancement. In front of all are two extremely happy, almost dancing, skeletons.

HTML copy/paste code for 2 skeletons and a burning skull
skeleton walking black animated
Skeleton walking with his sword.
Image Format - GIF, Image Size - 84 kb, Dimensions - 78 x 150 Pixels, Details - This animated skeleton was created for very dark and black web pages.

skeleton on the move

witch, skeleton, bats and Happy Halloween
A witch with her broom, skeleton, bats and jack-o'-lantern. It must mean Happy Halloween!
Image Format - JPEG, Image Size - 37 kb, Dimensions - 310 x 471 Pixels, Details - Modern witch caught preparing her favorite meal. I wonder who the skeleton plans to bop on the head with that cudgel? Perhaps he doesn't like it when the food seems overly happy.
zombie chasing girl
Zombie chasing girl on black.
Image Format - JPEG, Image Size - 16 kb, Dimensions - 176 x 450 Pixels, Details - This zombie must have been a basketball player in his former life. He is in hot persuit of some fresh brains. Zombie and girl are on a black background.

Zombie chasing woman at night
halloween vulture and ghost
Halloween is not a good time to overwork. Take some time and have a little fun.
bat girl black
Bat girl with mask.
Image Format - JPEG, Image Size - 17 kb, Dimensions - 320 x 443 Pixels, Details - A darker and more mysterious Halloween bat girl.  This one hides her identity. You would think I would know, however, are those stockings or bat tattoos? We vote stockings. This bat girl has black hair, wears a mask and is wearing more clothes. Good for her. Dark hair, dark mask, dark clothes, dark stockings and dark wings. She had better watch out for all the crazy drivers when she goes trick or treating. Of course, she can fly from house to house so it may not be a problem. The clip art image is on white but can be easily removed using a magic wand masking tool.

HTML copy/paste code for bat girl with bat mask
witch black cat
Little witch and her friend.
large scary jack-o'-lantern
Scary jack-o'-lantern looking for trouble on Halloween night.
witch with broom, black cat and bats
Happy witch admiring the new broom she just bought at a red tag sale.
Image Format - JPEG, Image Size - 15 kb, Dimensions - 181 x 225 Pixels, Details - Witch, black cat and plenty of bats. Image is on a white background with an "Impact" perspective shadow. Unlike most of our clip art images, it would be difficult to separate this witch from the white background because of the shadow. Difficult but not impossible. You will have to play with the tolerance on your masking tool to get a tight grip or remove the shadow in multiple steps.

witch, black cat, her broom and bats
copy and paste code for websites, Myspace and hi5.
witch walking with a staff
Red eyed witch walking with her staff.
Image Format - JPEG, Image Size - 8 kb, Dimensions - 169 x 225 Pixels, Details - This is one of my favorite witch designs. Hunched over and walking with her staff. Makes her look about 300 years old or so. Her cloak has a basic noise texture and this clip art image also has an "Impact" perspective shadow. However, this one should be easy to remove if you need a transparent version.

ugly old witch and her staff
HTML copy and paste code for Myspace, hi5 and websites.
mummy and bats
Happy Halloween with drips, bats and mummies.

Image Format - JPEG, Image Size - 15 kb, Dimensions - 401 x 117 Pixels, Details - A Happy Halloween sign. Background is white with a mummy that has red and yellow eyes. To his right and left are two bats flying in the distance. In front of all are the words Happy Halloween with a thick white stroke and a medium dark drop shadow.

Happy Halloween with bats and mummy
HTML copy and paste code for websites.

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