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Free Angel Graphics - Animations

Angel graphics plus animated angels. Angel clipart of many shapes and sizes including baby angels with halos and wings plus beautiful angels in white or blue. All angel animations are in GIF format. Angels are for personal and educational (teachers and students) use.

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angel animation
Cute angel with animated eyes.
beautiful angel
Beautiful angel dressed in white with large white animated wings.
angel with flapping wings
Angel with wing animation.
cute angel
Angel with wings, halo, white dove and flowers.
angel with her teddy bear
Baby angel all in white with her teddy bear.
angel with glitter
Angel with flowers and star glitter animation.
angel in blue animation
Little Angel in blue with animated wings.

Angel with animated star
Angel Praying
angel with flowers
Cute angel with animated hearts and flowers.
little angel
Little Angel and her friend.
Angel Praying
Angel Praying - black and white image.
angel globe
Animated Angel Globe
angel with dove
Angel with animated wings and a dove.
angel with harp
A little angel with halo playing her harp animation.
angel with big wings
Angel in gold and white with large wings.
angel with a halo
Young angel with wings and a halo.
I Love You Angel
I Love You - Angel Animation.
little angel
Young angel with animated heart.
Archangel with sword.
cute angel
Cute little angel with wings and golden locks.
3d angel
3D Angel figure on white with drop shadow.
angel with many hearts
Baby angel with flowers and hearts.
angel with harp
Angel with harp in black and white.
baby angel
A baby angel with halo.
baby angel
A cute little baby angel.
two little angels
Two little angels with teddy bears.
Angel with wings and halo
Angel with a slippery halo.