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Christmas tree graphics and Christmas tree animations. Plenty of garland, ornaments, flashing lights, presents, stars and angels. Even Santa Claus pitches in and helps decorate a tree or two. HTML copy and paste code for most Christmas Trees.

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animated Christmas tree with presents
Animated Christmas tree with flashing lights and gifts.

HTML code Christmas Tree animation with presents

animated Christmas tree with lights
Animated Christmas tree with red and gold ornaments.

for Christmas Tree animation with blinking lights

large Christmas tree with presents
Large Christmas Tree decorated plus presents.

HTML code for large Christmas tree

Christmas tree with candles
Christmas tree animation with candles and lights.

Christmas tree in the snow
Christmas Tree in the snow with lights.

girl with present
Girl with present in front of the Christmas tree.

Christmas tree and bear
Papa bear placing presents around the Christmas tree.

Papa with Presents - code for websites.

Christmas tree with red ornaments
Christmas tree with gold star on top.

code for Christmas Tree with red and gold ornaments

animated Christmas Tree with Santa Claus
Christmas Tree decorated by Santa himself.

Christmas tree animation with Santa Claus

Christmas tree animation
Animated Christmas Tree

opening her Christmas gifts
Santa's little helper in front on a Christmas tree.

animated Christmas tree

Animated Christmas Tree.
Image Format - GIF, Image Size - 23 kb, Dimensions - 123 x 145 Pixels, Details - Animated Christmas tree with flashing white lights. Tree is covered with ornaments and ribbons plus plenty of presents around its base. On top is a heart instead of the usual star.

Christmas tree with gifts

Christmas Tree animation
Christmas tree with flashing red lights.

decorating Christmas Tree
Having fun decorating the Christmas Tree.

animated Christmas Tree with lights
Christmas tree animation with ornaments and lights.

Christmas tree animated with white lights
Christmas Tree animated.
Image Format - GIF, Image Size - 22 kb, Dimensions - 129 x 186 Pixels, Details - Animated Christmas tree with silver and gold ornaments, silver and gold ribbons plus flashing white lights on the tree.

code for animated tree

Christmas tree with stand
Christmas tree in stand with multi color ornaments.

Christmas Tree with large stand and multi color ornaments

Christmas tree with star and presents
Presents under the tree.

copy/paste code for green Christmas Tree with many presents

Christmas with garlands and presents
Christmas tree with presents and red garlands.

for green Christmas Tree with red garland and presents

animated Christmas tree white lights
Tree with ribbons.
Image Format - GIF, Image Size - 9 kb, Dimensions - 88 x 112 Pixels, Details - Christmas tree with red and gold ribbons, ornaments, star and animated lights.

code for Christmas tree

Christmas tree and child
Little boy standing next to Christmas tree.

copy/paste code for green Christmas Tree with small child

Christmas tree and family
Family admiring their Christmas tree.

copy/paste code for Christmas Tree with family

animated Christmas tree with gifts
Animated Christmas Tree with star on top.

HTML code for animated Christmas tree

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